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Teaser Les "Mademoiselles"

Concert Live Les "Mademoiselles"


Come and curl yourself up to the musical universe of the 40’s.

Vintage Jazz, Charleston, Cotton Club, Swing, Boogie Woogie…

They are three swing female vocalists on stage. With their three talented musicians, they operate in a glamour atmosphere, practicing close-harmony : a sophisticated and virtuoso association of swing and jazz harmonies.


Alternately serious or burlesques, measured or fanciful, the “Mademoiselles” celebrate, dance and sing the American recovered optimism after the 1929 economic crisis.


Their show honors the swing music that rised from the 40’s clandestine New-York clubs.

The emerging atmosphere lead us to a Scorsece universe, with intimate scenery veiled by plumes of smoke from a big Cuban cigar, where pin-ups would make the soldiers dream, where voluptuous vocalists flattered the ears of some men benumbed by the sweetness of some bourbon.


Groupe de musique swing


Carine Dos Santos

Cindy Virazels

Lysiane Vilaine


Raphaël Howson

Adrien Rodriguez

Quentin Ferradou


Stéphanie Barreau

Lighting Design

Pierre Courtois

Sound Engineer

Franck Zanella

Groupe musique swing
Last Shows
  • Ceremony of Presentation of Wishes - Mecaprotec Industries – Jan. 2019 - 31

  • Casino Barrière of Dinard – December 2018 - 35

  • Cinéma René Vautier - Elnes - December 2018 - 66

  • Escale Amiral Ronarc'h - Toulon - December 2018 - 83

  • Théâtre des 13 vents in Villeneuve sur Lot - December 2018 - 47

  • Opening of the Cultural Season – Castelsarrasin – October 2018 – 82

  • Festicéou Festival – September 2018 – 46

  • Vintage-Chic Wedding – August 2018 – 17

  • The Musical Mondays of Leucate – August 2018 – 66

  • The “Buissonières” of Fronton – August 2018 – 31

  • Retro Wedding – July 2018 – 31

  • Private event – June 2018 – Switzerland

  • Girondins de Bordeaux – January 2018 – 33

  • Biarritz Casino – January 2018 – 40

The swing band, situated in Toulouse (France) can perform in all Europe. They go to festivals, concert halls, anniversary of the D-Day Landing in Normandy, or private events.

It is not uncommuned for them to perform during Vintage-Chic Weddings, or to celebrate anniversaries. They can also be called to entertain conferences or corporate parties/events.


Let these artists charm you for a night time, make you swing during a dance evening and conquer you the time of a Lounge Cocktail.

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Groupe musique swing mariage vintage


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